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David Sherwood (Owner)

David began doing home inspections in 1982. Over time David developed a procedure for evaluating residential properties that is now used industry-wide. Since 1982 David has inspected over 15,000 residential and commercial buildings.

While working as an inspector, Dave studied building diagnostics and building sciences, and continues to do so, keeping himself up-to-date on the ever-evolving standards and norms. David teaches this information to his inspectors during bi-monthly staff trainings, and is hired to teach other industry professionals around the country. David has been a trainer for the EPA radon program, and is currently the lead trainer for the EPA in mold and lead. His unique teaching style combines in-depth information with a dynamic personality to create classes that are both informative and accessible.

Every inspector at Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC is trained by David both in classroom-style training classes, and through supervised and targeted field work. Through this training program David has produced some of the most qualified home and commercial building inspectors in the country.

In addition to building inspectors, David is a certified mold and water intrusion expert, holding the ESA’s highest certification for mold testing. He has developed a unique procedure to trace water intrusion back to the source of its entry, allowing for more accurate and extensive clean-up, and a lower incidence of reoccurrence. David teaches this procedure to all of his inspectors, as well as many inspectors nation-wide.

When David created Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC, he had a vision for a home inspection company that would be thorough and professional, while simultaneously making the information easy to understand for buyers, sellers, home owners, and realtors. He envisioned reports that would be clear and accurate without being dramatic or alarmist. Today, Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC, works to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible information, in an easy to understand manner. Our inspectors happily answer any questions during the inspection or at any time after, and we offer phone consultations for free for any past client. David takes great pride in his company and actively works to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with the work that our inspectors do. He works tirelessly to ensure that our inspectors have the best and most extensive information available in the industry.

Ultimately, David’s mission with Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC is to “teach people about homes and buildings and how to care for them in a way that will increase the overall quality of their life.”


Meet the Inspectors!

Mathew Kaufman


Mike Romanick

Mike has been in the inspection field for 30 years, inspecting everything from aircrafts to homes, with Mike’s background in both Engineering and Construction. Mike is a licensed inspector in both Connecticut and Massachusetts, and is member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), as well as being an ESA Certified Mold Inspector.

Mike is committed to providing the best possible experience for each of his clients and has pursued additional education through the Allied School of Professional Home Inspection, as well as through other venues.

Mike has been with Sherwood Inspection Services since 2010, and along with being one of our general inspectors Mike often handles many of our relocation inspections.



Rick Sadler

Rick is a resident of Woodbridge, CT, where he shares his home with his wife Marie, his daughter Christine, and their dog Toby.

Rick got his start working for a contractor building and remodeling homes while attending college. He continued to put his  contractor skills to use while remodeling his first home, a 125 yr old house in Ansonia, and again after future home purchases, even while pursuing a career in another field.

After many years in corporate sales and marketing, Rick decided it was time for a change, and began the process of getting his Home Inspector credentials in the State of Connecticut, joining Sherwood Inspection Services in the process, in 2009. Rick is also an active member in the Southern New England Chapter (SNEC) of ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspectors). In addition to inspecting homes, Rick is a Certified Energy Consultant who has performed numerous whole-home energy audits. For Rick, one of the most rewarding parts about being a home inspector is sharing his knowledge and love for homes with clients.

In his free time, Rick enjoys spending time with friends and family, landscaping, restoring antique furniture, and watching the UConn Women’s Basketball team.



Cathy Corning 

Cathy started with Sherwood Inspection Services after 30 years in the home improvement industry, with 20 of those years owning her own business.  Her love of buildings, homes, and people has led her to pursue a career as a home inspector.  She is committed to learning all aspects of the home inspection industry and further sharing that knowledge with her clients.

Cathy lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with her wife, Carole.  When Cathy isn’t working you can find her in the garden working with her granddaughter or traveling with her wife.



Nick Onega

Nick has over 5 years’ experience in the inspection field, and has worked as a special inspector. Inspecting anything from structural steel to reinforced concrete, while living in New York.  He is a certified ASHI inspector and has other certifications in radon testing, wood destroying insects, well flow and mold inspections.

Nicholas was a previous resident of Pennsylvania where he completed over 500 home inspections.  Now living in Massachusetts, he continues in the inspection field; he strives to be educated in the most recent building standards so he can better educate home buyers in their investment.



Marc Champagne

Marc comes to Sherwood Inspections Services after a 20-year career as a Creative Director in the Marketing Industry.  While working for agencies in CT and NY, Marc led the creative development of campaigns for clients like Kraft Foods, Nestlé Waters N.A, and Unilever, before starting his own business.  After deciding it was time for a change, Marc began the process of becoming a home inspector in 2014.  He completed his training at the New England School of Home Inspection in Stamford CT in the summer of 2015.

Marc strives to provide exceptional customer services to his clients while educating them about their future home.  He is a member of the Costal CT Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  Marc resides in Monroe, CT with his wife Diana and two sons Jason and Aaron.

In his free time, Marc enjoys working around the house & yard, mountain biking, and coaching youth football.



Glenn Prushinski

Glenn Prushinski has an extensive knowledge of home rehabilitation as well as renovations. Glenn put this to practice renovating his own home from the framing to the mechanical and electrical. He graduated from the ASHI School for home inspections and since then teaches clients about their homes in a way that helps them make the best decision.

Glenn is married to his wife Nancy and has 3 children and reside in Southington CT. He loves to spend his free time mountain biking, hiking, camping, skiing, and snowshoeing.



Jeremy Geller

Dr. Jeremy Geller, an educator and ex-archaeologist, will assist you in seeing the home through his eyes. A graduate of New England School of Home Inspection, Jeremy is ready to share his extensive knowledge of systems of the home and what it takes to keep them up.

Jeremy resides in West Hartford, CT with his wife Manisha. They have two grown boys and a cat. He enjoys keeping his aging cars running and his aging house sound. He and Manisha love travel and good food, drink, and company.



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Andre Bernard



Hamror Gabriel



Daniel Alvarado

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