Real Estate

Our instructors are some of the best in the country, and provide fun and informative classes for home buyers, realtors, inspectors, and related professionals.

This is for residential and commercial real estate agents and all those who are looking for high quality, fun continued education classes. This is a series of classes that are onsite that will help you understand the finer details in each of the topics that we have. Our lead instructor David Sherwood has been teaching continued education classes for over 20 years. These classes are updated regularly so check our schedule or if needed you can schedule one for your group or office.



Dave-Sherwood-Teaching-in-HawaiiSo why choose Sherwood Inspection Services for your continued education? “Realtors want their credits but also don’t want it to be boring – you guys make it so much fun I would take any of your classes.” L.M.

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