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The Brief History of Home Inspections

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Let’s walk down memory lane for a moment and see the evolution of the home inspection industry since it started in the early 70’s. Before the home inspector there were three categories of people that would inspect parts of homes as part of a real estate transaction. The first was “inspect by committee”. Buyers would have to coordinate with a …

10 Key Questions Homebuyers Should Ask Their Home Inspector

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Hi, Dave here! After performing over 15,000 home inspections over a 30 year timespan, I have made a list of instrumental questions all buyers should be asking before hiring a home inspector, followed by some questions after the home inspection is complete. I’ve put together the questions for each section (before, during, and after the inspection) in order of importance: …

crumbling foundations

How to Spot Crumbling Foundations and Fix It

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Crumbling Foundation Concerns Issues with what I call crumbling concrete, because as you probably know it is not just foundations, it is a characteristic of the concrete itself. Whether it‘s steps, porches, lamp posts, septic tanks or foundations what we are really talking about is the reaction of the concrete that is causing a crumbling effect. When looking at these …