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  • Business Planning and Networking
  • Mold in Real Estate
  • RRP Lead Law
  • Radon in Real Estate
  • Environmental Issues
  • Ethics
  • The Home Inspection Process
  • Our Buildings We Call Home

SIS Realtor Seminars

Our owner, David Sherwood, has been inspecting homes for over 35 years and over those years he's helped educate clients, realtors, and other inspectors alike. We hold realtor seminars for any agents or offices that are interested in learning about topics such as: Realtor safety, mold in real estate, preparing the home for inspection, failing foundations, and more! In addition, we will soon provide training for home and commercial property inspections in our training facility. If you or your office are interested in holding one of our realtor seminars or inspector training programs, please call us at 860-646-9983 or email us.

Sherwood & Associates R.E. School is accredited by the State of Connecticut to provide required continuing education courses to Realtors and other Real Estate Professionals. All of our courses are taught by Lead Inspector and Owner of Sherwood Inspection Services, David Sherwood. David has been doing home inspections for over 30 years, and has been an instructor in the industry since 1982.

The courses currently offered by Sherwood & Associates R.E. School are:


Course 1: Business Planning and Networking

Through exercises and activities this class will help you to develop a successful business plan. We will work through some of the road blocks and get you started in a new direction that will help facilitate the growth of your company. Regardless of whether your company is just you, or if you have people working with you, this class will help with development strategies that you can apply to your specific situation. In addition to business planning, this class covers some basics of networking, including strategies to connect with other professionals in your industry and in related industries. Networking is quickly becoming one of the strongest marketing tools around, and this class will help you to understand how to get the most out of networking, as well as presenting some unique ways to implement networking strategies for your business.

Course 2: Mold in Real Estate

Mold has been around since the beginning of time, however with changes in the ways we build homes, and increased liability in real estate transactions, it has become imperative that real estate professionals understand mold, and the ways in which it can play a part in the real estate industry. In this course you will learn about mold, the health effects that it can cause, ways to prevent the spread of an existing mold problems, and what your liability is as a realtor. Learning how to deal with mold problems before they arise can save you and your clients critical time and money. This course uses a number of educational tools, including case studies, to show the real impact of mold in your industry and professional dealings.

Course 3: RRP Lead Law

The State of Connecticut has specific laws pertaining to homes build prior to 1978, and this course deals specifically with those issues. In this course you will learn what the laws are with regard to lead in homes, including requirements for professionals selling the homes, potential liability issues for realtors, and other critical information for anyone dealing with homes built prior to 1978. The instructor for this course also teaches for the EPA, so all information is guaranteed to be current and comprehensive.

Course 4: Radon in Real Estate

This course is intended for all real estate professionals, and will provide up to date information about radon issues. The course will include the latest studies and information pertaining to radon issues in homes, potential dangers and health effects, and the impact that radon can have on real estate transactions. Additionally, this course will cover the different types of radon testing available on the market, and will address the strengths and weaknesses of those testing methods, as well as the protocols for testing as applicable to the real estate market.

Course 5: Environmental Issues

This course offers a general overview of environmental issues as they pertain to real estate transactions, including but not limited to: health issues, local laws, and the potential environmental issues in homes. Environmental factors can play a significant role in real estate negotiations and this class will better prepare you to deal with these issues as they arise. Throughout the class there will be games and other hands-on activities to help make the information interesting and fun to learn, while simultaneously answering your questions and ultimately making you more knowledgeable. Topics covered include: asbestos, Chinese drywall, UFFI EMF, water testing, mold, and more.

Course 6: Ethics

This course is in ethics and is required by the state in order to maintain your real estate license. This class will introduce you to the reasons behind people’s decision making processes, and help you to understand why people make decisions that they do. This class will also focus on identifying acceptable actions for realtors, as well as those that are unacceptable. Just because the class is required does not mean it has to be stuffy and boring. This class strives to provide you with knowledge of ethical standards and tools you need to be successful in your industry while also being fun. Our hope is that you will leave the class with new knowledge of ethics, as well as new tools for ways to promote ethical behavior among your peers in the real estate industry.

Course 7: The Home Inspection Process

This course is designed for realtors who sell residential or commercial properties in which inspections are performed, and sets out to provide you with valuable information about the home inspection process. Over the course of this class we will address the State and National Standards for home inspections, as well as the different items that are included in home inspections. This class will also provide ways in which realtors can help the home inspection process run more smoothly for all parties involved in the real estate transaction, and will help you to better understand the inspection report and implications of various items therein. The inspection process can be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the process, and this course provides you with the information necessary to make yourself more valuable to your clients.

Course 8: Our Buildings We Call Home

This course is for realtors who want to understand these buildings we call homes. In this class we will teach you the terminology needed to understand the basics of a home, as well as providing information for different homes from vintages to new construction and everything in between. The purpose of this course is to provide realtors with the information needed to better relate to and communicate with contractors, builders, and home inspectors. The tools and information provided in this class will help you in your negotiations, as well as helping you to make more informative recommendations and decisions to your clients. This course will cover home styles, categories, and building materials. Through the use of contests, games, slides, and videos, class participants will have fun while learning a wealth of new and helpful material.

If you are interested in signing up for one of the classes listed above, hosting a class for your office, or for more information, please contact Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC at (860) 646-9983, or email us at

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Reviews from Realtors

My thanks to you and Dave. Especially for the nice binder and a bottle of wine. We took a quick vote on the quality of the presentation. Almost everyone gave a 10. And that is really high praise from HST…. Bravo for you guys!
Home Selling Team
Dave Sherwood spoke at my sales meeting this morning. This was his second visit. His first was educating my agents on crumbling foundations. Today’s presentation was on mold. Dave is an incredible presenter, and probably one of the most informed, and educated people in the business. Thank you, Dave
William Raveis Real Estate
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