Environmental Testing Services


Our team has Environmental Specialists that can assist with your environmental needs, including allergen, mold, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and lead testing.

Our home environment is ever changing. The changes take place because of the materials used for building products, decorating material, cleaning products and life style. Because of this, some people have reactions to some of these components which can cause a health issue. Some of the environmental health effects are natural and some are man-made. Through our history we have taken some natural products are used them in ways we later found out can affect your health. These health issues stem from materials such as: asbestos, lead, UFFI (Uria Formaldehyde Foam Insulation), EMF (Electric & Magnetic Field), cleaning solutions (such as Bleach), PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), foreign drywall, etc. Some of them are natural to our environment but create an adverse condition in our homes such as: radon, mold and dust.

With each of these environmental health issues, there are means in which to test for them, evaluate the results and make a determination of an alternative material to use or a means of mitigation to restore your health.

Our environmental specialists can assist you through this process by performing tests according to the highest industry standards, interpret the results and assist you through the remediation process. Our specialists are certified in the appropriate fields such as IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), ESA (Environmental Solutions Association) and NEHA (National Environmental Health Association)

Contact us at 860-646-9983 so we can discuss the issue you are facing, and we will get one of our specialists out to your property as soon as possible!