First Time Home Buyers

first time home

At Sherwood Inspection Services, we excel at helping first-time home buyers learn more about the home buying and ownership process.

When people buy a home for the first time it is a very significant event in their lives. Many times it is exciting, but can also be a bit nerve-wracking. That’s why it’s important to align yourself with experts in the ares you will need them in the home buying process. It is crucial to connect with experts that communicate well, understand what you are going through and can go the extra mile to assist you through this process.

We have been known for years as a leading expert in the field of home inspections with a great understanding of the art of doing inspections.

Components of a Home Inspection

In our eyes, there are two components of an inspection process. First, there is the technical portion of the inspection which includes the investigation and evaluation process. It’s important to ensure that the inspector has the qualifications and training of what to find during the home inspection process. Secondly, there is the interpersonal part of the inspection. This involves how the inspectors relays the information to you. It’s key for your inspector to be able to communicate in a way that makes it simple for you to understand the financial implications as well as the scope of the work needed based on the overall condition of the home.

This is where our inspectors excel and why we get so many referrals from past clients, realtors and attorneys. We do more than inspect, we educate and care for each client. Our inspectors also teach ongoing classes for first-time buyer programs that assist you in your preparation process to help you have a smooth transition. Schedule your inspection online if you would like to put yourself in a good position to buy your first home!