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5 Handy Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection

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home inspection prep

How to Prepare for your Home Inspection

A home inspection is a crucial element of any home purchase. Most buyers make their purchase offer contingent on the results of a home inspection, so they can decide not to buy if the inspection reveals significant structural problems. Even worse, bad inspection results can force you to drop the selling price losing thousands of dollars.

We want you to get the most out of your home inspection and get results you can take to the bank with five tips on preparing your home for an inspection:

1. Be prepared for your inspector to arrive up to a half hour prior to the time of the inspection

Our inspectors are experts and take great care in the quality of their work. There are a few things that they need to complete before hand such as setting up reporting software, take exterior photos and get a good look at the layout of the home to determine what will be needed for the inspection. So, make sure you take care of the outside of the home the day before your scheduled inspection!

2. Unlock exterior gates and clean up from animals on the exterior

You want to make sure the outside of your home looks good and is presented like your showing your home for a sale. Having these gates unlocked and clearing your yard of anything you wouldn’t want a buyer to see (or step in) will increase your homes probability of having a great inspection!

3. Don’t block rooms with boxes

We get it. Moving can get messy and it’s hard to avoid piling your boxes up in any open space you can find. Try not to fill a room or garage with stored items. Make sure the inspector can get into areas such as the closets, access all rooms freely. The more nooks and crannies we can see and inspect with no issues, the smoother your inspection will be!

4. Open all access panels

Almost every home has various access panels such as access to the attic, closet for bathroom plumbing, water heaters and access to plumbing and crawlspaces. According to state law, if there is a nail in the panel or if there are more than 4(four) screws in the panel, it is considered inaccessible! Make sure you check out these areas and remove any nails that may be in the panels.

5. Where’s the receipts?

Your perspective buyers are going to want to know all the good, bad and ugly about the home before they make the investment. It is incredibly important to make sure you fill out the disclosure form fully and honestly. You want to provide your inspector with any information you have on the home from the time you purchased up to date, gather any paperwork from repairs or issues you’ve had with the home. This puts you in a position to attempt to rectify any problems before your home is inspected!

Whether you’re buying or selling, your home inspection should work for you, not against you! Set your home up for success and schedule your inspection with SIS!

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