Why Inspect A New Home?

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“I just love that new house we saw, you know, the one up on the top of the hill?”

“Lets go for a drive in the country and see it, I’m really excited about it!”

Buying a newly constructed home is a great feeling. Having issues with that new home tends to let the air out of your balloon really quickly….. with that sinking feeling soon to follow.

One thing folks tend to think is that all new homes are created the same and should be in perfect shape. Everything should work like it is brand new with only a fine tuning required here and there. The same trusted developer always turns out the same trusted home right?

The truth is they are all different, just like the people building it, and that means everything. We all know that not all folks have a good day, and others have a lot of other things on their minds. Some don’t like the boss, (” I’ll show him”) or even care about the job they do.Then there are the folks who don’t have the right part they may need, but build it anyway. Some builders don’t have the money for the job to begin with and need to make up for lost time due to the coming storms.  Don’t be surprised if your contractors helpers don’t a speaka da engrish, or that they even know what to do with those directions they see following the breeze down the road…oh well. The issues that can pop up are too many to list and you can not be there all the time to look out for your interests. What do you do?

Bad things happen to good homes….sound familiar?

Then comes the statement of “well it passed code, so everything is just fine” This is one of those things people treat like it is written in stone and there are not going to be any issues with this home for at least a year. I hear this on every single home I inspect that is new. Then I ask the folks who are buying it what that means to them. The answer I get 99% of the time is “security that the job was done right.” That is about the time I grab my chest and fall to the ground gasping for air. When the panic has gone away, I tell them I was fine this morning when my doctor gave me a clean bill of health, I don’t know what just came over me. Hehe.

Having a code inspection is only a starting point, and a good one. However sometimes reality has to set in. Some Building officials are overburdened with their jobs and some  do just fine. Some builders are held under the microscope, and others are not. I speak from experience having been on both sides of that coin as a builder. After the certificate of occupancy is signed, there is nothing left to do, the house passed inspection. Most states have a one year warranty on all new homes by law. This is great as long as you only want your home to last one year. When you have your home evaluated by a professional ,licensed, continually educated home inspector , you get more. We start  with a tool called “code” ,the states minimum standard, and go up to industry standards from there. It really depends on what your home contract is being built to as to what we are looking for in new construction consultation. A building official cannot point out that your teak deck you paid for is only a mahogany substitute. That is not in their scope of work. Those folks are doing the best they can with the tools they have to work with. And we all know  home inspectors love all the new gadgets. We  really like to test the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet so it does not scald the new baby in the tub. We check things like we are going to buy it ourselves. We know about recalled appliances, or new products which are being used incorrectly. Our jobs scope does not end there either. Unfortunately sometimes we get to act as a liaison when you cannot get along with the builder. For you this is another way to get your dream home without heading to the lawyers. We speak house, just like a builder, and can help to get you what you need.

These are a just a few of the reasons to get your new home inspected by a local, knowledgeable, hometown inspector. Someone who will be around for years and decades to come, to help you answer all those questions…..personally.

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