Sherwood Training Facility

Under Construction

training center construction

Our corporate headquarters training facility is currently under construction to prepare for our inspector training program. The facility is a 1700 sq. ft. addition to the main building, which is a house built in 1810 that has retained many of its original features. This makes it ideal for training inspectors on antique homes.

All Sherwood inspectors go through a training program and an extensive intern program before they handle their own inspections for our customers. This training center will make it possible for us to train more inspectors, expedite the training process and use the original house and equipment such as furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, water heaters, and electrical panels. All of this will be used in the effort to deepen their understanding of how to perform an inspection on properties ranging from new construction to antique houses.

Holes dug and stairs demolished

This building will host state of the art training, AV equipment, and supplies. Our school, course and individual classes have been approved by the State of Connecticut, Common Wealth of Massachusetts and national requirements. EPA classes will be taught as well as continued education programs. We received our building permit in October and hope to have it completed in early December. We will keep everyone updated on the process throughout to both keep you informed and to show what goes into constructing this type of building.  

driveway construction