Oil Tank Inspection 


Our Oil Tank Testing Process

Sherwood Inspection Services offers ultrasonic testing of oil storage tanks. This method of testing enables us to determine the thickness of the belly of the tank – the area most vulnerable to corrosion. All of our licensed home inspectors carry an ultrasonic kit and are trained in its use. We calibrate the instrument on the spot before each and every test, take a control measure on the top of the tank, and then in a typical test we probe twelve points on the belly of the tank. We report to you the thinnest measure and its location. If the belly measures are within an industry-recognized range of the control measure (on known gauge – thickness – of the tank) the tank qualifies for the TankSure™ Program. If your oil supplier participates in TankSure™ (and many do), the tank is insured for $1,000 against failure for the coming year. That’s generally enough to replace the tank in the unlikely event of a failure.


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Why Should you Test Your Oil Tank?

In the case of a typical residential heating oil tank, a tenth of an inch or less of metal!

Heating oil leaking from a storage tank creates a terrible mess, and if there is a sump pit, drain, or floor slab crack in the vicinity of the tank, a leak or spill may cause environmental damage requiring a costly cleanup. How costly? It can be tens of thousands of dollars or more.

What if the Tank Does Not Qualify for Tanksure? Is it Worth the Cost?

Our clients and agents we have worked with state that the low cost of a Tanksure inspection still makes it worth doing even without qualification for the program. This program still offers buyers leverage during negotiations if there is a non-qualified oil storage tank present. This minimal investment in a TankSure™ inspection can often be returned 10-20x during the closing process.

If the home you are considering buying has an oil storage tank of unknown age or of known age greater than fifteen years or so, you can’t go wrong with a Sherwood TankSure™ inspection.

The inspection was thorough and very informative. I am very happy with the report and how it is laid out. I would highly recommend.
Winslow C.