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Pet Fire Safety Tips

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With 500,000 house fires affecting pets every single year, it is crucial to take precautions that will keep your beloved pets safe in your home. As a homeowner with pets, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe and that your home is prepared for pet safety in the event of a fire. That’s why we’ve created a list of 6 essential fire safety tips that could save your pet’s life.

Pet Fire Safety Tips

  1. Place Pet Alert Stickers on Front Door/Window
pet alert sticker

In the event of a fire, these pet alert stickers will inform firefighters of the fact that there are pets in the house. It will tell them how many of each kind are inside. These are crucial in emergency situations, alerting professionals to save your pets’ lives.

  1. Keep Pets Near the Entrance
pets near entrance

When leaving pets home alone, you should always try to keep them near the entrance of the house. This is another preventative measure that will allow pets to easily be rescued in the event of an emergency. The easier it is for firefighters to find your pets, the better the chance of them being rescued.

  1. Keep Collars & Leashes At The Ready

Again, this step will help firefighters to easily rescue your pet during a fire. Firefighters won’t have to spend any time looking for leashes if they are right by the entrance. This is just one more step that will increase the chances of your pets being rescued from a burning house.

  1. Know Your Pet’s Hideaway Spots
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Pets have a tendency to pick certain spots throughout homes where they can hide. When they become scared, they often run to these spots. Recognizing where they tend to run when they are scared can be crucial during an emergency. You’ll know where to look for them in the event of a frightening event like a fire.

  1. Keep Young Pets in Pet-Proof Rooms

Young and untrained dogs specifically should be crated while you are away from your home. If for some reason you are unable to keep them crated, they should minimally be kept in rooms that are “pet-proof”. Some ways to pet-proof a room include using baby gates to limit access, covering all electrical outlets, and keeping all clutter out of the pet’s reach. Make sure they are unable to access anything that they could get into and potentially harm themselves with.

  1. Secure Electrical Cords

One of the most important parts of pet-proofing a home is ensuring that all electrical cords are secure and out of reach. Untrained pets can easily mistake these as toys to chew on and get themselves into serious trouble. To prevent a fire, bind cords together and keep them far out of your pets’ reach.

While it’s important to make sure your furry friends stay safe, we recommend some tips to keep your home safe for the entire household! Our residents with mobility issues should especially be prepared and have plan in place in case of emergency.

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