Repair Estimate Report

Know more. Stress less.

Helping You Negotiate Repairs More Efficiently

Many buyers find themselves paralyzed with a detailed list of various issues to fix after a thorough property inspection. To save our clients and their agents any additional stress in the transactional process, we’ve partnered with Porch to provide you with a comprehensive price estimate for the items in your inspection reports. With a guide to immediately show you how much repairs should cost, you can move forward quickly and confidently.

How Does It Work?

After your property inspection, your inspection report will be sent to a team of experts at Porch to calculate the price estimates.

Their experts will share an itemized list of estimates for both the buyer and the real estate agent to review.

That’s it – it’s that simple!

What is Unique About This Repair Estimate?

  • Easy to understand and share to properly negotiate with contractors and sellers.

  • Categorizes the cost of major issues that should be fixed immediately and items that are not crucial to fix at the time but should be monitored in the future

  • Perfectly aligned with the inspection report allowing you to easily associate the cost of the repairs to the recommendations made by your inspector.

  • Porch guarantees the accuracy of their estimates for 4 months and provides personalized support for any questions you have.

  • Real estate agents can speed up the buying process by creating a repair request addendum form using the estimates provided.