Types of Residential Properties We Inspect

Single Family Homes


Most people dream of having a home, and whether it’s your first or 31st, they are all different – their design, the materials used throughout, how it is lived in, etc. All these make a difference as to the maintenance of the home and the possible upgrades needed. We will walk you through the home and teach you these things along the way. We will answer all your questions and offer possible solutions. Each inspection is performed with the care we would use if we were buying it for ourselves.

Selling a home? We can inspect it before you list it, and show you the needs that the home has before it creates a road block in the sale. This allows you the choice of fixing it or disclosing it as part of the listing. Inheriting a home? Let us teach you about what you inherited. Its needs and probable costs could help you determine your direction. No matter your situation, we will work hard for you and provide the services needed for you to make informed decisions.

Multi-Family Homes

Having tenants to help pay your mortgage is a wonderful thing, but this situation doesn’t come without its challenges. For better or worse, the condition of your home can affect your relationship with your tenants.

We will not only teach you about its current condition, but also point out problems and liabilities that relate to having tenants. We can help you prioritize what should be done to help prevent or eliminate these types of liabilities. We can also educate you on aspects of home maintenance that should be the responsibility of your tenants. Our hope is to make your purchase the profitable and stress-free venture you had hoped for.




Many people think that condominiums don’t need to be inspected. While it’s true that the exterior and common areas are, to some extent, the responsibility of the condo association, you are responsible for everything else (especially the interior). You should know the overall condition of your unit, regardless of who’s responsible. Condominium inspections are important, and should be done by an inspector that understands the differences between a free standing home and an attached unit.

As we inspect your condominium home, we will evaluate both exterior and interior areas. We will teach you how your unit operates and its specific needs so you can maintain the value of your unit.

Residential New Construction

Inspecting new construction presents a different set of challenges. When everything is new, it’s difficult or nearly impossible to see how it will perform over time. Therefore, it is very important to hire an inspector who knows new products and is familiar with how they should be installed and how well they can perform.

We understand this at Sherwood Inspection Services. Our owner Dave Sherwood has a background in architecture and 30+ years inspecting homes and commercial buildings, including many new constructions and developments. This allows us to provide valuable insight to both you and your builder, saving you future problems and expenses.


Historic Homes


Historic and antique home inspections require an understanding of the construction techniques used during the era in which the home was constructed, and the purpose for doing it that way.

How do you blend modern techniques with these historic homes so that they perform up to today’s standards without compromising their integrity?

That’s where hiring Sherwood Inspection Services can help. We provide the valuable information on how the house was built to perform, if anything should be done to upgrade it, and what needs to be done to maintain it. Our job is to help you determine the possible problem areas and teach you how to care for your new home for years of worry-free living.

Luxury Homes

Homes in this category are larger and have many more components. Thoroughly covering all aspects of the home can take a long time, even by highly-experienced inspectors. We use a team of highly-qualified inspectors to perform a thorough and comprehensive inspection in a reasonable time frame. Hear from some of the prominent buyers whose luxury homes we’ve inspected:

Trey Wingo | ESPN SportsCenter Co-Host “You were efficient and very informative”

Paul Evans | Hartford Whalers “Thank for this detailed report”

Chuck Piorri | Trinity Football Coach “Dave, thank you for expediting this and all your information”


Mobile Homes


Mobile homes are built to different standards than average non-mobile (or stick/brick-built) homes. Mobile homes function in a unique way and their maintenance is not the same as for non-mobile homes. It’s vital for you to take the steps to assure that your mobile home is safe for use and retains its value.