Single Family

Most people dream of having a home, and whether it’s your first or 31st, they are all different – their design, the materials used throughout, how it is lived in etc. All these make a difference as to the maintenance of the home and the possible upgrades needed. We will walk you through the home and teach you these things along the way. We will answer all your questions and offer possible solutions. Each inspection is performed with the care we would use if we were buying it for ourselves.

Selling a home? We can inspect it before you list it, and show you the needs that the home has before it creates a road block in the sale. This allows you the choice of fixing it or disclosing it as part of the listing.

Inheriting a home? Let us teach you about what you inherited. Its needs and probable costs could help you determine your direction.

No matter your situation, we will work hard for you and provide the services needed for you to make informed decisions.