Connecticut Sewer Camera Inspection

More often than not, sewer mainlines become problematic over time.  This occurs for a variety of reasons; pipe offsets, pipe clogs, root intrusion, cracked pipes, age of the pipe, and/or grease buildup. Don’t be caught off guard!

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is designed to give the client a snapshot of the condition of the main sewer lateral up to 100’ out from the house cleanout (typically in the basement). The sewer camera is designed to identify if any of the issues mentioned above are present. By using state-of-the-art sewer cameras, locators and video/camera equipment, we are able to give you a clear picture of what is going on in this critical area. This inspection is a brief look into the health of this major artery and is not meant as a comprehensive assessment of everything wrong with the line.

The inspection will be complete when we come across a major blockage to where our camera may get stuck or damaged, or we reach 100’ whichever comes first.

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Our Sewer Camera Inspection Process

In order to perform a sewer camera inspection smoothly and effectively, certain protocols will be followed. To begin with, we will run water in all locations to flush out the sewer lines. This will ensure that the camera equipment will have lubrication and will not catch on any debris. Additionally, the water will float the camera, which will allow it to be pushed through the line more easily. We will then open the cleanout by removing the cap.  

Once the cleanout cap is removed, the camera equipment will be set up and then placed into the line. The video/camera feature will be engaged and the camera will be slowly sent down the line. If it is smooth sailing without any issues, that’s great news! If we do come across any of the issues mentioned above, we will locate where the camera is in the line, as well as the depth, and mark the spot accordingly. We will also determine as best possible the exact type of material the pipe is made of; cast iron, ABS, PVC, SDR35, clay…etc.

Once this work is completed, an inspection video will be sent to the client via email.  

Why Should You Get a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The sewer main is one of the most critical arteries in every home or commercial building. Mainline repairs can cost upwards of $8K - $10K, so getting a peak into the condition can be valuable as you assess all of your home needs. Also, cleanup after a major clog can be a pricey as well as odor filled experience. Let Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC give you peace of mind, armed with a video clip. 

Reviews from your Neighbors

I have worked with Sherwood Inspection Services many times and have always experienced the utmost professionalism. The inspectors at Sherwood are top-notch. The inspections are matter-of-fact, designed to inform, not scare or sell. The reports are thorough and easy to read.

Alyssa McMahon