SIS Realtor Seminars

At Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC our goal is simple:

We do more than Inspect, We Educate!”

Dave Sherwood, the owner, has been inspecting home for 35 years & over those 35 years he’s helped educate both clients & realtors alike.  We hold Realtor Seminars for any agents or offices that are interested, and have a list of topics to choose from.  The topics range from Realtor Safety, Mold, Preparing the Home for Inspection, to Failing Foundations, and more ! If you or your office is interested in holding one of these Realtor Seminars please call or email our office.

The feedback we get from holding these seminars is what makes it all worth it!

“Thank you to you and Dave for coming out today.  We continued to talk about mold for another 45 minutes!!  Very educational and everyone was thrilled that they attended. We are definitely looking forward to having you in again.”

“My thanks to you and Dave. Especially for the nice binder and a bottle of wine. We took a quick vote on the quality of the presentation. Almost everyone gave a 10. And that is really high praise from HST…. Bravo for you guys!”

“Dave Sherwood spoke at my sales meeting this morning (William Raveis Real Estate, East Longmeadow, Ma). This was his second visit. His first was educating my agents on crumbling foundations. Today’s presentation was on mold. Dave is an incredible presenter, and probably one of the most informed, and educated people in the business. Thank you, Dave.”

“Your presentation was terrific! All my agents were very pleased with the information offered and the fact that they were asked their opinion.

“It was our pleasure to host you and we look forward to seeing you again.”

“Warmest thanks for one of the best presentations this office has had.  Looking forward to having Dave out again in the future.”