The Team

David Sherwood (Owner)

David began doing home inspections in 1982. Over time David developed a procedure for evaluating residential properties that is now used industry-wide. Since 1982 David has inspected over 15,000 residential and commercial buildings.

While working as an inspector, Dave studied building diagnostics and building sciences, and continues to do so, keeping himself up-to-date on the ever-evolving standards and norms. David teaches this information to his inspectors during bi-weekly staff training meetings, and is hired to teach other industry professionals around the country. David has been a trainer for the EPA radon program, and is currently the lead trainer for the EPA in mold and lead. His unique teaching style combines in-depth information with a dynamic personality to create classes that are both informative and accessible.

Every inspector at Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC is trained by David both in classroom-style training classes, and through supervised and targeted field work. Through this training program David has produced some of the most qualified home and commercial building inspectors in the country.

In addition to building inspectors, David is a certified mold and water intrusion expert, holding the ESA’s highest certification for mold testing. He has developed a unique procedure to trace water intrusion back to the source of its entry, allowing for more accurate and extensive clean-up, and a lower incidence of reoccurrence. David teaches this procedure to all of his inspectors, as well as many inspectors nation-wide.

When David created Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC, he had a vision for a home inspection company that would be thorough and professional, while simultaneously making the information easy to understand for buyers, sellers, home owners, and realtors. He envisioned reports that would be clear and accurate without being dramatic or alarmist. Today, Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC, works to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible information, in an easy to understand manner. Our inspectors happily answer any questions during the inspection or at any time after, and we offer phone consultations for free for any past client. David takes great pride in his company and actively works to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with the work that our inspectors do. He works tirelessly to ensure that our inspectors have the best and most extensive information available in the industry.

Ultimately, David’s mission with Sherwood Inspection Services, LLC is to “teach people about homes and buildings and how to care for them in a way that will increase the overall quality of their life.”


meet the inspectors!

Mathew Kaufman

Matthew Kaufman, Inspector Manager – Matthew started home inspections in 1998 under the tutelage of our owner David Sherwood. He has continued to get licenses in 3 states for inspections and certified commercial inspections as well as Lead, mold and radon certified. He has performed over 6000 home inspections. He carries the ASHI certified inspector and InterNACHI Master Inspector titles. Mathew now uses his extensive knowledge and experience to teach other inspectors and performs research and development for the company.

During his off hours you will probably see Matthew meditating, teaching meditation or just enjoying the outdoors.

Cathy Corning

Cathy started with Sherwood Inspection Services after 30 years in the home improvement industry, with 20 of those years owning her own business.  Her love of buildings, homes, and people has led her to pursue a career as a home inspector.  She is committed to learning all aspects of the home inspection industry and further sharing that knowledge with her clients.

Cathy lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with her wife, Carole.  When Cathy isn’t working you can find her in the garden working with her granddaughter or traveling with her wife.

Marc Champagne

Marc joined Sherwood Inspection Services in 2014 after completing his inspection schooling at New England School of Home Inspection. Marc Not only has a Ct home inspectors license but is also a Certified ASHI inspector, VP of the Coastal ASHI chapter.

He has certifications in Mold, Radon and WDI (Termite Inspections). Marc does relocation inspections, residential home inspections, environmental testing and commercial inspections. He strives to provide exceptional customer services to his clients while educating them about their future home.

Marc is married to his wife Diana and has 2 sons. He enjoys working around the house and yard as well as mountain biking, and coaching youth football.

Glenn Prushinski

Glenn has extensive knowledge of home rehabilitation as well as renovations. Glenn graduated from the ASHI School for home inspections and has his certification in Mold, Radon and WDI (Termite) inspections He put this to practice renovating his own homes. After years of working with older homes Glenn now takes this knowledge to assist his clients with seeing the house through his eyes.

Glenn is married to his wife Nancy, has 3 children and resides in Southington, Ct. He loves mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Dr. Jeremy Geller

Jeremy is an educator and resides in an older home and enjoys going through the process of care for his home. Jeremy Graduated from the New England School of home inspections and is certified in Mold, Radon, and WDI (Termite) inspections. Jeremy is licensed in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. He enjoys working with home buyers, especially first time buyers to share his knowledge with them so they can see the house through his eyes.

Jeremy resides in West Hartford, Ct. with his wife Manisha and have 2 grown boys and enjoy their family cat. In his off time Jeremy tinkers around the house and on his cars. Him and his wife love to travel and enjoy good food, drink and company.

Roger Jensen

Roger is a former contractor. Roger comes with years of experience in repairing, maintaining and upgrading homes. He graduated from American Home Inspectors training institute for home inspections. Roger uses his knowledge of homes, their inner workings and takes pride in teaching his clients so they can see the house through his eyes and how to care for the home for years to come. Roger is certified in mold, radon, and WDI (Termite) inspections.

Roger lives in Portland, Ct. and has 2 children a boy and a girl with his wife Amy. He loves spending time with the family and going on new adventures.

Andre Bernard

Andre is previously an instructor graduated from the New England school of home inspectors and loves to take his knowledge of homes and relate it to buyers. He is mold and radon certified. He is a Certified inspector with InterNACHI and working towards his Masters.

Andre resides in North Haven and loves to teach people about proper use and safety of fire arms on his down time.

Gary Presa

Gary is a retired military veteran. He is a former contractor and understands the makeup and building sciences it takes to operate a home, which is valuable in teaching clients the inner workings of a property. He graduated from the American Home Inspectors School and InterNACHI, and is now working towards his Masters. Gary resides in Union, Ct with his wife and two children.

Chris Benney

Chris has been in retail for over 25 years and could not be happier about his career as a home inspector so far. Chris lives in East Longmeadow, MA with his wife and three cats. He enjoys cooking, sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Daniel Alvarado

Dani Alverado, Dani is our environmental technician. He has passed both the National Radon class and is certified in Ct. and Ma. Radon standards. He is a certified mold specialist and performs mold screenings as well as assists with mold during a real estate transaction.

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