We Do Pool Inspections!

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Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Sherwood Inspection Services can and does perform pool inspections upon request. Dave Sherwood has been inspecting in ground pools and their related parts and components for a number of years. So as we head into summer, if your clients would like this service, they can request it at the time that the home inspection is scheduled.

New Service – Oil Tank Testing!

Sherwood Inspection Services is now offering ultra sonic oil tank testing. This is a valuable service that is offered in addition to the home inspection and can, in most cases, be performed at the same time. Please see the following “Technically Speaking” article regarding the oil tank testing.

Technically speaking

What is the condition of that above ground Heating Oil Tank?
An above ground oil tank may look perfectly fine from the outside, but could be wearing excessively thin from the inside. Leaking tanks can become a health and safety hazard, and very expensive to cleanup and/or replace. Since above ground oil tanks typically corrode from the inside out, visual detection of potential leak areas is almost impossible.

Sherwood Inspection Services is now offering ultrasonic oil tank testing. Ultrasonic testing (similar to a medical ultrasound), detects the level of corrosion occurring inside the above ground oil tank. This helps to determine the tank’s integrity and if there is a problem on the horizon.

Having this service performed by Sherwood Inspection Services can:

  • Help control potential oil tank problem costs upfront
  • Aid in knowing the tank’s condition
  • Determine your eligibility for enrollment in the TankSure® Program

The Boston Environmental TankSure® Program is a proactive residential tank replacement process using EPA and API approved ultrasonic testing technology. Once the tank has been inspected and tested by Sherwood Inspection Services, the measurements and physical characteristics, along with surrounding environment information, are entered into a Tank Profiling Software system. The tank information is then analyzed to determine its condition and whether or not replacement is necessary.

Homeowner Benefits

Up to $1,000.00 tank replacement warranty from a participating fuel oil supplier.
A Tank Inspection Certificate documents the inspection.
The Tank Inspection Certificate may reduce the cost of the homeowner’s insurance policy.
Enrollment in the TankSure® Program is contingent upon the tank passing an initial ultrasonic and visual inspection, typically performed during the home inspection. While we cannot guarantee the prevention of a leak or other failure of the tank, we are providing this service with the hope that, by regular testing and monitoring by an approved oil service provider, costly and unexpected failures can be prevented.

Make sure to have your client ask to include this valuable service in their home inspection.

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